The Electric Boiler Engineers


Specialists in the installation and replacement of electric boilers

(Sorry, we only operate in the RG postcode area of Berkshire and around)


no gas, no oil, no worries

no fumes, no flue pipes, no servicing!


At Tebe, we install and replace electric boilers. Choose us to replace your electric hot water heater, or even gas heating boiler. We back up our installations with a 3 year guarantee.


What are your requirements?...Just an electric hot water thermal store cylinder?...

Typical cost just £1,500 ALL inclusive*




Maybe you need your gas heating system converted to electric?...

Typical cost just £2,995 ALL inclusive**

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We marry a thermal store together with an electric flow boiler.

This means you get independent heating and hot water systems...

If one fails, you still have the other...

And don’t forget our...

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That means that should a part fail, all our labour charges are free...for 3 years!

And we promise to be there within 24 hours of you reporting the fault!*


Call or text us on 0770 231 6157**

Or email us - info@tebe.co.uk


*Verbal conversation on phone, not message left    **Mobile phone rates apply  

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Prices include all labour costs and materials. This will usually include removing your current heater, and disposal.


*Replacement thermal store vented cylinder cost INCLUDES limescale protection and all necessary electrical work.


**Replacement of gas heating system INCLUDES limescale and sludge protection, but excludes cost of gas engineer to cut off your gas supply and cost of electrician to supply the mains feed. If you don’t have your own electrician (for the mains supply which must come from your fuseboard), we can arrange one for you. Capacity of mains-pressure thermal store hot water system in prices quoted is 160 litres. 10 year guarantee on thermal store cylinder. We back up our installation with a 3-year guarantee and 24-hour call-out protection. No annual servicing is required. Beware of quotations from other installers where you DO require a hidden annual service! They will suggest a ‘heatbank’ unvented hot water supply, which has legal requirements that are not made clear!


A deposit of 50% is required five days before work commences – balance on completion. Free, no obligation quotations provided. If you choose us, you will be provided with a binding contract, and your rights as a consumer are respected and adhered to. You have the right to cancel your contract. Full terms & conditions apply - set out on your contract.


Full limescale protection is provided by a Scalgon LimeStop TS - please see www.limestop.co.uk. This will give you GUARANTEED and unrivalled limescale protection for two years. After that time it should be replaced - current price £113.




We use high-quality British

products almost exclusively


We are at:

19 Cockney Hill, Reading. RG30 4HF

Tel. 0770 231 6157


Prices correct as of Jan 1st 2020 and are subject to a time limit